GreenScreen® Professionals

GreenScreen® professionals are those with demonstrated knowledge and expertise in GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals assessment and/or application.     

Licensed GreenScreen® Profilers are organizations that perform GreenScreen assessment services for clients for a fee. These are organizations whose staff have undergone extensive professional training in their fields, maintain high standards, and have signed a license agreement with Clean Production Action, agreeing to terms and conditions for both performance, verification, and quality.

Licensed GreenScreen® Consultants are organizations that provide GreenScreen consulting services for clients for a fee. These are organizations whose staff has undergone extensive training in GreenScreen application and use and who have a bredth and depth of experience and expertise supporting organizations in chemicals management.  GreenScreen Consultant organizations assist clients in defining how and in what ways GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals (GreenScreen) tools can be leveraged to meet their overall chemicals management and sustainability goals.  

Authorized GreenScreen® Practitioners are individuals who undergo a series of GreenScreen seminars in advanced topics, have their work reviewed and evaluated by senior GreenScreen educators, and are licensed to perform GreenScreen assessments within their organizations.  GreenScreen Practitioners are not eligible to perform GreenScreen assessments for external clients.