Course Offerings


Delivery Options

Course Type

Course Description

In-Person, Instructor-Led

Web-based, Instructor-Led1


  • Standard Introductory Course
  • Private Introductory Course


  • Advanced Topics Course


  • Select from any of the topics covered in Standard Introductory Courses or Advanced Topics Course
  • Individually developed to address customer's unique concerns & requirements
  • Practicum option available

GreenScreen Practitioner

  • Advanced Topics Course and Practicum
  • Successful students are licensed to provide GreenScreen assessment services to their registered organization
  • Success students are eligible to submit assessments to the GreenScreen Certification process

1Web-based courses are held live & online, with the following additional benefits:

  • Can be delivered in a single session or multiple sessions
  • Can be for a single organization or multiple organizations
  • Can have homework and/or pre-work assigned