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CAS Registry Numbers are unique numerical identifiers assigned by Chemical Abstract Service.

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Welcome to the GreenScreen® store.  Here you can download GreenScreen assessments that have been performed by others.  Some are freely available; others are available for a fee.  Search for assessments by functional use or by keyword.

GreenScreen assessments in our store have been performed by Licensed Profilers or equivalent.  Assessments are considered valid for three years from the date of original assessment; for many chemicals, new data are rapidly emerging.

The goal of the GreenScreen method is to provide a means to robustly assess and clearly communicate the inherent hazards of chemicals to inform decision-making for product design, development, procurement and use.  We do not endorse or make recommendations for against chemicals or products. 

Use of this website means that you agree to our Terms of Use. 

Learn more about GreenScreen terminology in our Glossary.

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