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Assessment of 100-97-0 Methenamine (GS-240) by ToxServices, 2014-06-25

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Assessment by ToxServices LLC Assessment Date: 06-25-14
Expiration Date: 06-25-17
Assessor: ToxServices LLC
Assessor Type*: GreenScreen Profiler
Assessment Type*: Certified
Template version: V1.2
Tracking number: GSI-3

Methenamine compound

CAS#: 100-97-0
Chemical Name: Methenamine

Chemical Synonyms: Hexamethylene tetramine; Hexamethyleneamine; 1,3,5,7-Tetraazatricyclo(,7)decane; Hexamethylenetetramine

Primary Applications: Biocides or Fungicides, Hydraulic Fracturing

Methenamine is a chemical that is used in production of rubber and resins, as fuel in camping stoves, preservative in cosmetics and food, corrosion inhibitor in the steel industry, stabilizer and developer in the photo industry, fungicide for citrus trees, and antiseptic.