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Assessment of 2-heptanone CAS 110-43-0 by Rosenblum Environmental LLC

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Assessment by Rosenblum Environmental Assessment Date: 12-25-15
Expiration Date: 12-25-18
Assessor: Rosenblum Environmental
Assessor Type*: Other
Assessment Type*: Certified

2-heptanone compound

CAS#: 110-43-0
Chemical Name: 2-heptanone

Chemical Synonyms: Amyl methyl ketone, Butyl acetone, Methyl n-amyl ketone, Methyl pentyl ketone

Primary Applications: Oil & Gas Production

1. Ink, Toner, and Colorant Products
2. Paints and Coatings
3. Paint additives and coating additives not described by other categories
4. Processing aids, not otherwise listed
5. Solvents (which become part of product formulation or mixture)