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Assessment of 64-18-6 Formic acid (GS-236) by ToxServices, 2014-06-25

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Assessment by ToxServices LLC Assessment Date: 06-25-14
Expiration Date: 06-25-17
Assessor: ToxServices LLC
Assessor Type*: GreenScreen Profiler
Assessment Type*: Certified
Template version: V1.2
Tracking number: GSI-68

Formic acid compound

CAS#: 64-18-6
Chemical Name: Formic acid

Chemical Synonyms: Aminic acid; Formylic acid; Methanoic acid; Methanoic acid monomer (OECD 2009)

Primary Applications: Hydraulic Fracturing

Formic acid is a chemical that is used in textile dyeing and finishing, rubber manufacture, and as a chemical intermediate, catalyst in resins, plasticizer in resins, antiseptic and preservative, component of cleaning solutions, and oil well acidifying agent. It is also used as a direct food additive and in food packaging. In hydraulic fracturing, it is used as a corrosion inhibitor to protect pipes and related fracking components.