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Assessment of 75-91-2 tert-Butyl hydroperoxide by ToxServices, 2014-06-25

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Assessment by ToxServices LLC Assessment Date: 06-25-14
Expiration Date: 06-25-17
Assessor: ToxServices LLC
Assessor Type*: GreenScreen Profiler
Assessment Type*: Certified
Template version: V1.2
Tracking number: GSI-99

tert-Butyl hydroperoxide compound

CAS#: 75-91-2
Chemical Name: tert-Butyl hydroperoxide

Chemical Synonyms: TBHP, tert-Butylhydroperoxide, tert-Butyl hydrogen peroxide, t-Butyl hydroperoxide, 1,1-Dimethyl hydroperoxide, 2-Hydroxyperoxy-2-methylpropane

Primary Applications: Hydraulic Fracturing

It is used in the chemical industry as starting material, catalyst, initiator, and curing agent.