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Assessment of 8047-99-2 n-Ethyl-o (or p)-toluenesulfonamide (GS-461) by ToxServices 10-16-14

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Assessment by ToxServices LLC Assessment Date: 10-16-14
Expiration Date: 10-16-17
Assessor: ToxServices LLC
Assessor Type*: GreenScreen Profiler
Assessment Type*: Certified
Template version: V1.2
Tracking number: GSI-177

n-Ethyl-o (or p)-toluenesulfonamide compound

CAS#: 8047-99-2
Chemical Name: n-Ethyl-o (or p)-toluenesulfonamide

Chemical Synonyms: Toluene ethylsulfonamide; EINECS 232-465-2; N-Ethyl-2(or 4)-methylbenzenesulfonamide; N-Ethyl-o(or p)-toluenesulfonamide; Benzenesulfonamide, N-ethyl-2(or 4)-methyl-; N-Ethyl-o(or p)-toluenesulphonamide; N-Ethyltoluenesulfonamide (ChemIDplus 2014)

Primary Applications: Fragrance

n-Ethyl-o (or p)-toluenesulfonamide is a chemical that has unknown functions.