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Assessment of Ethylbenzene CAS 100-41-4 by Rosenblum Environmental LLC

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Assessment by Rosenblum Environmental Assessment Date: 12-25-15
Expiration Date: 12-25-18
Assessor: Rosenblum Environmental
Assessor Type*: Other
Assessment Type*: Certified

Ethylbenzene  compound

CAS#: 100-41-4
Chemical Name: Ethylbenzene

Chemical Synonyms: EB; ethyl benzene; benzene, ethyl-; ethylbenzol; phenylethane; etilbenzene; ethylbenzeen; aethylbenzo; etylobenzen

Primary Applications: Oil & Gas Production

Adhesives and sealant chemicals, Fuels and fuel additives, Intermediates, Laboratory
chemicals, Paint additives and coating additives not described by other categories, Processing
aids not otherwise listed, Solvents (for cleaning or degreasing), Solvents (which become part
of product formulation or mixture), Arts, Crafts, and Hobby Materials, Building/Construction
Materials not covered elsewhere, Electrical and Electronic Products, Food Packaging, Fuels
and Related Products, Furniture and Furnishings not covered elsewhere, Lawn and Garden
Care Products, Paints and Coatings, Plastic and Rubber Products not covered elsewhere,
Toys, Playground, and Sporting Equipment.