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Assessment of Ethylene bis(tetrabromophthalimide) CAS 32588-76-4 by NSF International

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Assessment by NSF International Assessment Date: 02-16-17
Expiration Date: 02-16-20
Assessor: NSF International
Assessor Type*: GreenScreen Profiler
Assessment Type*: Certified

Ethylene bis(tetrabromophthalimide) compound

CAS#: 32588-76-4
Chemical Name: Ethylene bis(tetrabromophthalimide)

Chemical Synonyms: BT 93; 1,2-Bis(tetrabromophthalimide)ethane; EBTBP

Primary Applications: Flame Retardants

1. Flame retardant in electronics, wires and cables, public buildings, construction materials,automobiles, and storage and distribution products

 2. Polymer applications in CPE, elastomers, engineering thermoplastics, HIPS, PE, and PP