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Assessment of o-xylene CAS 95-47-6 by Rosenblum Environmental LLC

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Assessment by Rosenblum Environmental Assessment Date: 12-25-15
Expiration Date: 12-25-18
Assessor: Rosenblum Environmental
Assessor Type*: Other
Assessment Type*: Certified

o-xylene compound

CAS#: 95-47-6
Chemical Name: o-xylene

Chemical Synonyms: 1,2-dimethyl-benzene; o-methyltoluene; 1,2-xylene; o-xylol; ortho-xylene

Primary Applications: Oil & Gas Production

Approximately 92% of the mixed xylenes produced are blended into gasoline. The remainder is used in a variety of solvent applications as well as to produce the individual isomers of xylene.