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GreenScreen® Assessment(s) of 1344-28-1, Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Oxide compound

CAS#: 1344-28-1
Chemical Name: Aluminum Oxide

Chemical Synonyms: Alumina; Alumina Ceramic; Aluminum Oxide (Al130O40); Aluminum Oxide (Al2O); Aluminum Oxide (AlO2); Bauxite; Ceramic, Alumina; Corundum; Oxide, Aluminum.

Primary Applications:

  1. Aluminum oxide is a common, naturally occurring compound that’s employed in various industries, most particularly in the production of aluminum. The compound is used in production of industrial ceramics.
  2. Filler in plastics.
  3. A common ingredient in sunscreen.
  4. As an abrasive, including in sandpaper and as a less expensive substitute for industrial diamonds.
  5. Some CD and DVD polishing kits contain aluminum oxide.
  6. Toothpaste. Dentists use aluminum oxide as a polishing agent to remove dental stains.

Assessment(s) Available

Assessment of 1344-28-1 Aluminum Oxide CAS 1344-28-1 by WAP Sustainability


Assessment by WAP Sustainability Assessment Date: 04-20-18
Expiration Date: 04-20-21
Assessor: WAP Sustainability
Assessor Type*: GreenScreen Profiler
Assessment Type*: Certified