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GreenScreen® Assessment(s) of 3380-34-5, Triclosan

Triclosan compound

CAS#: 3380-34-5
Chemical Name: Triclosan

Chemical Synonyms: 2,4,4'-Trichloro-2'-hydroxy diphenyl ether; Phenol,5-chloro-2-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)-; CH 3565; Cloxifenolum; Lexol 300; Phenyl ether, 2'-hydroxy-2,4,4'-trichloro; Irgasan DP 300; Triclosanum (ChemIDplus 2014).

Primary Applications: Biocides or Fungicides

Triclosan is a nonionic diphenyl ether derivative. It is a broad spectrum antimicrobial used as an antiseptic, disinfectant or preservative in clinical settings, cosmetics, ousehold cleaning products, plastic materials, toys, paints, medical devices, textiles, kitchen utensils, and so on. In the European Union, 85% of the triclosan produced is used in personal care products, 10% in plastics and food contact materials, and 5% for textiles.

Assessment(s) Available

Assessment of 3380-34-5 3380-34-5, Triclosan by ToxServices, 2014-05-27


Assessment by ToxServices LLC Assessment Date: 02-07-14
Expiration Date: 02-07-17
Assessor: ToxServices LLC
Assessor Type*: GreenScreen Profiler
Assessment Type*: Authorized
Template version: V1.2
Tracking number: GSI-49