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Danielle Cresswell

Sustainability Manager, Klean Kanteen

Danielle Cresswell

Danielle is an environmental manager with 20+ years of experience working to harmonize human activities with the needs of a healthy natural environment. In her current role at Klean Kanteen, Danielle and her colleagues are actively using the Higg Index and the B Impact Assessment to establish the framework and standards for environmental management. With a background in environmental science, Danielle is adept at setting priorities and metrics that actually matter to the health of the natural environment.


  • 2008-current - Sustainability Manager at Klean Kanteen; leads Klean's strategic and operational goals around environmentally and socially responsible business. Focus is on development of non-financial metrics and tools that support business managers in quantifying environmental benefits and impacts of company operations, and in making informed choices that align with Klean's mission and values as a certified B Corp.
  • 2004-2008 - Project Environmental Scientist for Haling & Associates, a Chico-based engineering firm. Lead environmental scientist for groundwater and soil investigation and remediation projects located throughout northern California, including municipal landfill sites, underground storage tank sites, and industrial wastewater treatment sites.
  • College education and early professional experience
    • 2004 - Earned M.S. in Environmental Science at Chico State University (with honors) - examined processes at the intersection of terrestrial & stream environments and how they influenced salmon habitat
    • 2000 - Earned a B.S. in Wildlife biology and management with strong Fisheries focus at Humboldt State University
    • 1998-2000 - Coordinated salmon & steelhead monitoring work on Freshwater Creek with the Humboldt Fish Action Council (Humboldt County, CA), collaborating with research (Humboldt State U.), industry (Pacific Lumber Co.), and public agency (National Marine Fisheries Service and others) to identify watershed impacts and prioritize actions to improve local fish populations
    • 1996-1998 - Served in AmeriCorps with the Watershed Stewards Project in Humboldt County – non-profit efforts in watershed restoration, local salmon and steelhead population monitoring & recovery planning
  • Danielle lives in Chico, CA, with her husband, Jeff, their two children, Finn and Savannah, and a mixed flock of dogs, cats, and chickens.