Assess Chemicals with GreenScreen®

Are you interested in assessing the hazards associated with a given chemical using GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals?  Then you have landed in the right place! Here we describe ways to obtain GreenScreen® Assessments. If you are interested in assessing a mixture, material or product using GreenScreen, then first read our FAQ on this subject.

First, visit the GreenScreen Assessment Store to determine whether a GreenScreen Assessment is publicly available for your chemical of interest. You can search for available Assessments by chemical name, Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) number, or functional use. GreenScreen Assessments in the store are Certified, meaning they were performed by Licensed GreenScreen Profilers or equivalent.  Assessments are considered valid for three years; for many chemicals, new data are rapidly emerging and this timeframe was established to ensure new information is considered.

If you cannot find an Assessment for your chemical of interest in the store, you can hire a Licensed GreenScreen Profiler  to perform an Assessment for you. Licensed GreenScreen Profilers are organizations that have demonstrated expertise in toxicology and chemistry and that have the capacity to provide Certified GreenScreen Assessments on a consulting basis. Clean Production Action does not establish pricing for GreenScreen Assessment services; contact the organizations directly for contract and cost information.

Depending on your resources and expertise, you can obtain training to become an Authorized GreenScreen® Practitioner™ and conduct GreenScreen Assessments for your organization. Clean Production Action’s Authorized GreenScreen Practitioner Program provides our most advanced training in the GreenScreen method.  Successful participants are licensed to complete Authorized Assessments for their registered organizations.  In addition, if third-party review is ever desired or needed, they are licensed to submit their Authorized Assessments to Clean Production Action to become Certified Assessments.

A key strength of GreenScreen is that the method is fully transparent and free.  Anyone can download the GreenScreen Guidance and Resources and perform GreenScreen Assessments.  If you are interested in learning more about the method and working through an Assessment on your own, we encourage you to do so. However, if you are interested in using results of GreenScreen Assessments in any way publicly, you must adhere to our Terms of Use. GreenScreen Assessments performed by individuals other than Licensed GreenScreen Profilers or Authorized GreenScreen Practitioners are considered Unaccredited Assessments and cannot be used to earn credits or certification under any standards frameworks which incorporate GreenScreen, nor can they be used to make any type of product claims.