What is GreenScreen®?

The GreenScreen® “Tool Box”: GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals and GreenScreen List Translator™

GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals is a method for chemical hazard assessment designed to identify chemicals of high concern and safer alternatives. It is used by industry, government and NGOs to support product design and development, materials procurement, and as part of alternatives assessment to meet regulatory requirements. It is used by businesses like Hewlett-Packard, governments like Washington State, and NGOs such as the Healthy Building Network in their Pharos Project. GreenScreen can also be used to support environmentally preferable product procurement tools including standards, scorecards and ecolabels.

Clean Production Action also developed the GreenScreen List Translator™, which provides a “list of lists” approach to quickly identify chemicals of high concern. It does this by scoring chemicals based on information from over 40 hazard lists developed by authoritative scientific bodies convened by international, national and state governmental agencies, intergovernmental agencies and NGOs. While List Translator provides an effective way to screen out known hazardous chemicals, an assessment based on GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals is more comprehensive and can be used to identify safer alternatives.

Read our GreenScreen Overview & watch our free one-hour Introduction to GreenScreen online module to learn more.