Licensed GreenScreen® Public Access Providers

Licensed GreenScreen Public Access Providers have been licensed by Clean Production Action to provide access to public GreenScreen assessment reports as part of their databases(s). Clients can access these databases(s) for free or for a fee. Public Access Providers predominantly or exclusively provide access to Certified GreenScreen assessment reports (link to terms of use where they describe types of assessments). Licensed GreenScreen Public Access Providers are listed below. 


The Healthy Building Network 

The Healthy Building Network is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in building products as a means of improving human health and the environment. The Healthy Building Network includes public GreenScreen assessment reports in two different automated tools, namely Pharos and the Chemical Hazard Data Commons. Since Healthy Building Network is also a GreenScreen List Translator Automator, these tools also contain List Translator results. 

Pharos is a suite of tools developed to evaluate the health and environmental impact of building materials. Within the Pharos Chemical & Material Library, a user can search on a chemical name or chemical abstract service registry number (CASRN) to obtain a public GreenScreen assessment report and Benchmark score when available.   

Chemical Hazard Data Commons is a tool for collaboration designed to help you find resources, work collaboratively to understand the hazards associated with chemical substances, and find alternatives which are inherently safer.  Users can browse and search for GreenScreen assessments in the Assessment Exchange, which provides a comprehensive list of assessments in the public domain and links to buy assessments for those that are available for licensed use only.

Toxnot PBC 

Toxnot PBC is a customer-focused software company and a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) whose mission is to help companies be transparent about chemicals and their impact with design tools, client communications and supply chain intelligence so that they can promote and sell better products. Toxnot PBC includes public Certified GreenScreen assessment reports in, a chemicals management and hazard assessment platform. Since Toxnot PBC is also a GreenScreen List Translator Automator, also contains List Translator results. is a platform for chemicals and supplier management to support product reporting initiatives. toxnot allows brands, customers and suppliers to collaborate on chemicals transparency with free access to chemicals hazard data. toxnot also provides a robust commercial toolset that allows companies to streamline supplier data collection and automate product reporting initiatives. toxnot PBC is a registered public benefit corporation with the specific goal of providing a materially positive impact on the management of chemicals and materials in order to further environmental sustainability.

Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse 

The Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse (IC2) is an association of state, local, and tribal governments that promotes a clean environment, healthy communities, and a vital economy through the development and use of safer chemicals and products. IC2 includes public Certified GreenScreen assessment reports in their Chemical Hazard Assessment Database. 

The Chemical Hazard Assessment Database was developed to promote awareness of hazard assessments conducted on chemicals of high concern, facilitate transparency and discussion, and reduce duplication of effort. The Chemical Hazard Assessment Database enables users to search for public Certified and Authorized GreenScreen assessment reports. To access the assessments, users can select from a menu of GreenScreen reports or GreenScreen Benchmark scores.