California Safer Product Regulations & Alternatives Assessment

California Safer Product Regulations & Alternatives Assessment

March 18th, 2014 Helen Holder GreenScreen Events Webinars and Videos

To better understand the implications of the California Safer Consumer Product Regulations, BizNGO followed the regulations in performing two draft alternatives assessments. Helen Holder of Hewlett-Packard and Mark Rossi of Clean Production Action discuss:

  • The steps in a California-compliant alternatives assessment.
  • The challenges encountered and lessons learned.

Helen Holder, Corporate Material Selection Manager for Hewlett-Packard,  is responsible for identifying and incorporating environmentally friendly materials to HP products. Helen is a recognized industry expert in assessing alternatives to restricted substances in electronics materials and components, including solders, fluxes, ICs, printed circuit boards (laminates and surface finishes), wires, cables, connectors, plastics, and mechanical hardware.

Mark Rossi, Co-Director of Clean Production Action and Chair of BizNGO. Mark is a collaborative developer of innovative programs, tools and initiatives for integrating sustainable materials and safer chemicals into the economy. In 2006, he founded BizNGO, a unique collaboration of business and environmental leaders who work together in advancing safer chemicals and sustainable materials. Mark is also the co-author of the GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals, the leading hazard assessment tool for benchmarking chemicals based on inherent hazard.


California Safer Consumer Product Regulations Webinar with Helen Holder


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