Need help identifying hazardous chemicals in your supply chain?

6/29/2016 Clean Production Action Blogs

Are you seeking a streamlined approach for identifying hazardous chemicals of highest concern in your supply chain? Do you want to add efficiency to your internal chemicals management processes? Register now for our new GreenScreen® List Translator webinar course

The GreenScreen List Translator is an abbreviated version of the full GreenScreen method of chemical hazard assessment. It scores chemicals based on information from over 40 hazard lists developed by authoritative scientific bodies. Chemicals on these lists are mapped to hazard classifications, a hazard level or range, and a List Translator score. List Translator scores identify chemicals of highest concern to human health or the environment, helping prioritize substances for management.    

This introductory course will cover GreenScreen List Translator method basics, automated tools, and applications. It is of particular interest to individuals in product design, supply chain management, purchasing, and EH&S, and to companies in the building, electronics, apparel, and health care sectors.  

Register now!

Also: GreenCE is offering a free high-level introduction to GreenScreen® and List Translator on August 3rd.