New! GreenScreen® method now updated to assess chemicals, polymers, & products

New! GreenScreen® method now updated to assess chemicals, polymers, & products

1/24/2018 Clean Production Action Bulletins


GSv14cover 2Chemicals, Polymers, & Products

GreenScreen® v1.4 is here!

Since its launch in 2007, GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals has gone through several revisions, but this update to version 1.4 is particularly significant. In response to growing requests from users we are now providing clear and comprehensive guidance for how to assess the hazards of chemicals, materials, polymers, and products.

Read the conversation I had with Bev Thorpe about the updated method and why I’m so excited about it.

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If you are familiar with GreenScreen and want more in-depth technical information about the updated method and how to apply it, join Michelle Turner,  Amy Hunsicker, and me for a webinar on February 28th at 11 am ET. 

If you want to understand the impacts and benefits of GreenScreen v1.4 and particularly the assessment of polymers, stay tuned. We will be scheduling another webinar soon for a broader audience.

Along with our work on improving the GreenScreen method, we are always refining our easy-to-use GreenScreen List Translator™. The utility of the GreenScreen List Translator, and the fact that it is an automated tool allowing a quick assessment of a chemical’s List Translator score, gives users a quick and easy way to screen a chemical and prioritize action. See more about our current work on GreenScreen List Translator.

We're so glad to share this work with you.

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