GreenScreen List Translator Advanced Course

Title: Assessing Chemicals Using GreenScreen List Translator

Purpose: Be able to represent GreenScreen List Translator comprehensively and accurately to clients, potential clients, stakeholders, and other interested organizations.  This includes the ability to respond to inquiries with technical depth and breadth.

Learning Objectives:

  • Be able to conduct a comprehensive and high quality GreenScreen List Translator assessment manually.
  • To perform a manual assessment requires a high level of expertise and a deep understanding of the back-end design of GreenScreen List Translator.
  • Become familiar with all GreenScreen Specified Lists and be able to obtain comprehensive and accurate information directly from these source lists.


*You must complete the GreenScreen List Translator Introductory Course before taking this course.

This course includes thee 60-minute classes, homework, and a test. Each class is followed by 15 minutes of optional Q&A. Each successful participant will receive a certificate.  

More information on dates for this course coming soon.