GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals: New Training Opportunities in 2017

GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals is a chemical hazard assessment tool used to identify chemical hazards, choose safer chemicals and reduce your business risk. Using GreenScreen, an assessor evaluates chemicals against 18 human and environmental health factors and assigns a benchmark score. A related tool, the GreenScreen List Translator, is an automated abbreviated version of the GreenScreen. Using the GreenScreen® List Translator™ you can quickly identify chemicals of concern for priority action. These tools enable you to:

  • Distill complex data into simple and actionable high-level metrics.
  • Identify chemicals of concern.
  • Transform chemical selection throughout your supply chain.
  • Reduce your chemical footprint.
  • Minimize risks to human and environmental health.
  • Mitigate your business risk.
  • Support the creation of a healthy materials economy.

Clean Production Action now offers a wide range of training options for all levels of expertise ranging from free introductory online webinars to in-depth training to become an Authorized GreenScreen® Practitioner™.

“We know there is often not enough consideration given to hazard characteristics when choosing chemicals during product design. Having a straightforward process such as the GreenScreen Benchmarks for evaluating chemical hazard and people trained to use it is incredibly valuable.”-Mark Snyder, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

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1. Introduction to GreenScreen webinar This 60-minute webinar will be of interest to you if you want to understand chemical hazards and hear how organizations are using GreenScreen to select safer chemicals.  Cost: free

2. Introduction to GreenScreen online course This online course can be taken at your own pace. Format: six modules between 30-60 minutes in length, includes assignments, tests, pop-up questions. Cost: $299    

This course is ideal for you if you are a professional leading your company or organization on the journey to safer products and supply chains and seek to understand the hazards of chemicals. 

We will review:

  • How GreenScreen can support your organization in proactive chemicals management.
  • How to implement the assessment methodology in your organization.
  • Specific examples on how various organizations (such as HP, US Green Building Council's LEED, State of Washington) are using GreenScreen to innovate towards safer chemicals and create market efficiency in global supply chains.

3. Introduction to GreenScreen List Translator Course

This course was really great at breaking down how the List Translator works, where the scores come from and how to use the available tools like Pharos and toxnot to dig into the results.-Thaddeus Owen, Herman Miller

Format: Three 60-minute classes. Each class is followed by 15 minutes of optional Q&A. Cost: $389

The GreenScreen® List Translator is an automated tool that will help you understand some of the known impacts chemicals have on human health and the environment and help you categorize which chemicals to avoid. The tool is easy for anyone to use regardless of experience or knowledge related to chemical hazards, and can be applied to chemicals you currently use or may use in the future. This course requires no prior expertise. You will:

  • Learn GreenScreen List Translator origins, method, strengths and limitations.
  • Learn how to obtain GreenScreen List Translator results (automated tools).
  • Learn current organizational applications of GreenScreen List Translator.
  • Explore ways to use GreenScreen List Translator to inform chemicals management and sustainability decisions.

4. GreenScreen List Translator Advanced Course     

Format: Three 60-minute sessions, hmeowork, and a test. Each class is followed by 15 minutes of optional Q&A. Cost: $429

This course is a great fit if you are interested in understanding the inner workings of GreenScreen List Translator and advocating for the use of this robust screening to identify chemicals of concern and use the results to prioritize action. Note: You must complete the GreenScreen List Translator Introductory Course before taking this advanced course. In addition to the skills learned in the introductory course you will:

Acquire the technical depth and breadth to prioritize action on chemicals of concern
Be able to promote and represent GreenScreen List Translator comprehensively and accurately to clients, potential clients, stakeholders, and other interested organizations.  

5. GreenScreen Advanced Topics Course –Class size limited.

Format: Eight 90-minute classes, two 60-minute sessions, homework, and a test. Cost: $3000

This course is high level and particularly useful for product designers, chemical engineers, and professionals responsible for chemical management.  You will gain full understanding of how to perform GreenScreen assessments without becoming an Authorized Practitioner (see below to learn how to become an Authorized GreenScreen Practitioner). You will learn how to:

  • Perform comprehensive, high quality GreenScreen assessments.
  • Communicate in depth with your supply chain about chemical hazard information.
  • Make informed decisions about chemical choice and policy.

6. Authorized GreenScreen Practitioner Program  –Class size limited.

Format includes the Advanced Topics Course outlined above along with a Practicum. Total time commitment is approximately 100 - 120 hours. The bulk of the time is spent performing homework including one comprehensive GreenScreen assessment. The time to complete the homework is highly dependent on participants' prior experience and expertise. Cost $6,000.

If you wish to enhance your own professional qualification and become a Certified GreenScreen Practitioner this course is for you. You will obtain professional licensed credentialing to perform comprehensive, high quality GreenScreen assessments for your registered organization as well as many other benefits. Find out more and see a list of current GreenScreen Practitioners.

“GreenScreen is an elegant system, and it is one bright light in the sea of misinformation and confusion. I think people who have trained in the Practitioner Program will be able to impress on others the need to be deliberate and thorough and serious about chemical hazard assessment to yield the transformation necessary.” -Catherine Bobenhausen, Vidaris, Inc.

7. Private and Customized GreenScreen Training  

Format & cost vary

Private and Customized GreenScreen Trainings can be delivered to your group with your preferred delivery option and on a schedule that meets your needs. GreenScreen staff will assist you in selecting and identifying the appropriate training content from our Introductory and Advanced Topics courses and/or developing new content to meet your unique interests or company needs.  

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