GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals Advanced Topics Course

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Purpose: Learn how to perform comprehensive, high quality GreenScreen assessments.

Learning Objectives:

  • Improve skills in assessing and classifying hazard using GreenScreen and finding solutions to common challenges.
  • Improve skills in assessing and classifying the hazards of chemicals lacking measured data for one or more hazard endpoints.
  • Improve competencies in assigning a GreenScreen Benchmark score for the following scenarios: chemicals with data gaps, chemicals with environmental transformation products, inorganic chemicals, polymeric materials, and mixtures of chemicals.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of tools and resources available to support you in performing GreenScreen assessments.

Delivery Options & Duration:

  • Live web-based: Four months
  • Eight separate 1.5 hour classes, two 1-hour sessions, homework, and a test
  • Estimated time commitment 25-40 hours, dependent on experience and desired depth of mastery

Price: $3000 USD, $197/session


You can now take the Advanced Topics Course "a la carte." Choose one or more sessions that are of particular interest to you. You will attend your session beginning at 8:30am and the following session from 8:00-8:30 to review homework.

Class Date Time (US PT) Duration (hrs) Topics
1 17-April 8:00 AM 1.0 Program Orientation
2 19-April 8:00 AM 1.5

Assessing & Classifying Hazards

Carcinogenicity, Mutagenicity

3 3-May 8:00 AM 1.5

Reproductive Toxicity

Developmental Toxicity

Endocrine Activity

4 17-May 8:00 AM 1.5

Acute Mammalian Toxicity

Systemic Toxicity-Organi Effects


5 31-May 8:00 AM 1.5

Skin and Respiratory Sensitization

Skin and Eye Irritation

6 14-June 8:00 AM 1.5

Acute and Chronic Aquatic Toxicity

Persistence and Bioaccumulation

7 28-June 8:00 AM 1.5

Reactivity and Flammability

Estimation: Analogs and Models

8 12-July 8:00 AM 1.5

Benchmarking with Data Gaps 

Environmental Transformation Products 

9 26-July 8:00 AM 1.5

Hazard Assessment: Inorganics & Polymers

Benchmarking Inorganic Chemicals, Mixtures

10 9-Aug 8:00 AM 1.0 Transition and Closure



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