GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals Advanced Topics Course

Purpose: Learn how to perform comprehensive, high quality GreenScreen assessments.

Learning Objectives:

  • Improve skills in assessing and classifying hazard using GreenScreen and finding solutions to common challenges.
  • Improve skills in assessing and classifying the hazards of chemicals lacking measured data for one or more hazard endpoints.
  • Improve competencies in assigning a GreenScreen Benchmark score for the following scenarios: chemicals with data gaps, chemicals with environmental transformation products, inorganic chemicals, polymeric materials, and mixtures of chemicals.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of tools and resources available to support you in performing GreenScreen assessments.

Delivery Options & Duration:

  • Live web-based: Four months
  • Eight separate 1.5 hour classes, two 1-hour sessions, homework, and a test
  • Estimated time commitment 25-40 hours, dependent on experience and desired depth of mastery

Price: $3000 USD


Class Date Time (US PT) Duration (hrs) Topics
1 17-April 8:00 AM 1.0 Program Orientation
2 19-April 8:00 AM 1.5

Assessing & Classifying Hazards

Carcinogenicity, Mutagenicity

3 3-May 8:00 AM 1.5

Reproductive Toxicity

Developmental Toxicity

Endocrine Activity

4 17-May 8:00 AM 1.5

Acute Mammalian Toxicity

Systemic Toxicity-Organi Effects


5 31-May 8:00 AM 1.5

Skin and Respiratory Sensitization

Skin and Eye Irritation

6 14-June 8:00 AM 1.5

Acute and Chronic Aquatic Toxicity

Persistence and Bioaccumulation

7 28-June 8:00 AM 1.5

Reactivity and Flammability

Estimation: Analogs and Models

8 12-July 8:00 AM 1.5

Benchmarking with Data Gaps 

Environmental Transformation Products 

9 26-July 8:00 AM 1.5

Hazard Assessment: Inorganics & Polymers

Benchmarking Inorganic Chemicals, Mixtures

10 9-Aug 8:00 AM 1.0 Transition and Closure



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