Advanced GreenScreen® trainings this April

Advanced GreenScreen® trainings this April

3/7/2017 Clean Production Action Bulletins

GreenScreen-Logo new 4cClean Production Action has two upcoming GreenScreen® training opportunities. Those who have participated in our GreenScreen trainings are saying that they are now equipped with a new language to simplify the complexities of chemicals management and to navigate company dialogues regarding product design and procurement decisions.

Training Options:

-- GreenScreen Advanced Topics: This course is ideal for technical professionals who would like to gain in-depth knowledge and expertise in how a GreenScreen assessment is conducted without becoming “licensed.” Register by 3/31/17. 

*New "a la carte" option available-learn more*

-- Authorized GreenScreen Practitioner Program™: This is our most advanced training for technical professionals. Upon successful completion of this course, you will become a licensed Authorized GreenScreen Practitioner™ and will be able to conduct GreenScreen assessments for your organization. Apply by 3/15/17.

Learn more about the courses & hear from industry leaders on the value of becoming trained in GreenScreen.

Both live courses start this April and are web-based. Apply or register now. 

More opportunities to learn

Reducing Chemical Hazards: The First Move

In-person trainings 3/15 (Seattle, WA) & 6/6 (Portland, OR)

GreenScreen and LEED v4: Healthy Building Materials

Webinar 3/23

“We know there is often not enough consideration given to hazard characteristics when choosing chemicals during product design. Having a straightforward process such as the GreenScreen Benchmarks for evaluating chemical hazard and people trained to use it is incredibly valuable.”
-Mark Snyder, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

“The GreenScreen Practitioner Program offers a much deeper, detailed insight into the GreenScreen method than can be obtained through the Standard Introductory Course. The quality of data obtained, research, and classification are greatly enhanced by participating in the program.”
-Leah Boyd, Seimens

“GreenScreen is an elegant system, and it is one bright light in the sea of misinformation and confusion. I think people who have trained in the Practitioner Program will be able to impress on others the need to be deliberate and thorough and serious about chemical hazard assessment to yield the transformation necessary.” 
-Catherine Bobenhausen, Vidaris, Inc.