GreenScreen® is 10 years old!

3/31/2017 Clean Production Action Bulletins


An update from our Executive Director,
GreenScreen-Logo new 4cLaunched in 2007, we had no idea what GreenScreen would grow into. Now it is a widely recognized tool for assessing chemical hazards, identifying chemicals of concern, and selecting safer chemicals. GreenScreen’s adoption into standards, programs, and companies highlights its value. GreenScreen is part of the green building movement with its incorporation into Living Product Challenge, LEED, Health Product Declaration, and Google Portico. GreenScreen is part of safer electronics where it is used by TCO Development, HP Inc., and now on the path to being part of EPEAT. GreenScreen helps define safer chemistry in the apparel sector with its integration into Levi Strauss & Co’s “Screened Chemistry,” H&M’s manufacturing Restricted Substances List (mRSL), and as part of the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals’ (ZDHC) Framework for the Prioritization of Hazardous Substances. We look forward to GreenScreen continuing to support and grow sector initiatives to safer chemicals, and will have exciting announcements in Q2 of 2017.
Our Clean Production Action team on GreenScreen continues to evolve. Over the years we’ve had a few trades and acquisitions, so here’s the latest state of the team:
ShariFranjevicGreenScreen Program Manager: Shari Franjevic, who has in-depth experience with GreenScreen, will take on the role of Interim GreenScreen Program Manager effective April 3, 2017. For the past 15 months, Shari worked as Clean Production Action’s Education and Training Leader, overseeing the development and implementation of training programs for both GreenScreen and the Chemical Footprint Project. Prior to joining our staff, Shari provided consulting services to Clean Production Action for over seven years, during which time she created our GreenScreen training program.  
Technical Consultants: Dr. Michelle Turner, who has been a great asset in growing the GreenScreen program, is launching a new consultancy, Loop Environmental, and will transition from her current role as GreenScreen Program Manager to a technical consultant to GreenScreen effective March 31, 2017. In her new role, Michelle will continue to focus on the technical and methodological elements of GreenScreen, including finalizing our new criteria for polymers.
Along with Michelle, our team of technical consultants includes Eric Rosenblum and Amy Hunsicker. Eric Rosenblum will continue to serve as Clean Production Action’s Consulting Toxicologist. In this role, he provides expert advice on development and interpretation of the GreenScreen method. He also serves as a lead instructor for our GreenScreen advanced training courses. Eric has been working in this capacity for the past four years. Amy Hunsicker has over five years of experience consulting to Clean Production Action in support of the GreenScreen Program. Amy will continue in her role supporting the technical and programmatic elements of the GreenScreen Program and bring her experience with product certification systems in growing GreenScreen’s use in the apparel, building, and electronics sectors.
GreenScreenJourney_borderStrategic Partnerships, Legal, & Communications: Our home office staff in Somerville, Massachusetts will manage the infrastructure and relationships that are critical to the growth and development of GreenScreen. Ellen Goldberg, Operations Manager, will continue to manage all legal aspects of GreenScreen, including maintaining and protecting our IP. Alison Poor, Program and Communications Coordinator, will lead all outreach efforts to promote the adoption and use of GreenScreen. And I will cultivate and manage relationships with key partners.

Also note, to become an expert in GreenScreen and bring value to your organization register for our Advanced Topics course.    
We look forward to working with you on GreenScreen in 2017!

All the best,
Mark S. Rossi